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Life Lyrics

Album Name : Life's So Funny
Release Date : 1995-12-05
Song Duration : 2:38

A.o.n Life

Hello everybody
Today we're gonna listen to two stories
About two different people
And how life can be a bitch
So get ready, here we go!


Life is just a bitch when you've got noone
Life is just pointless if you've got no gun
Life is worth nothing if noone loves you
Life is a crazy thing, be careful what you do

(Verse 1)

Hey mom
Where's my music at?
(You don't need that stupid crap)
Quit callin it crap
Why you always doin that?
I swear
Son, gimme more lip, I'll beat your ass bare
Forget it, I'm outta here, I'm better off out there
Oh shit
Slammed the door in my face and locked it
Now I'm outside and it's cold, without a jacket
I said Mom
Lemme back in
I didn't mean I's leavin
I meant I was just goin outside to do some thinkin
She laughed and said
Well you got plenty of time to think now
And I will ll call the cops if you do not leave now
I said mom
I'm hungry
Just please let me back in
I'm starvin, I'm blackin out
This might be the end
She opened the door, and slammed it in my face again
Then laughed hysterically, so I got mad and kicked it in
She called the cops
And then they hauled me off
Now I'm sittin in a jail cell
With nobody to gimme bail


(Verse 2)

It's was like
Hey trick
Wanna suck my dick
And the I loved her
With a rubber
So we wouldn't have kids
But then 2 days later I got syphillis
I went to docter, he said I had 6 weeks to live
I went back out on the streets to find the bitch
To strangle her and murder her for givin me this
I stumbled on the block
My vision was gettin hazy
I whipped out my gat
And I started to act crazy
I was walkin up to her and I could barely limp
And then outta nowhere popped out the stupid bitches pimp
He approached me in order to take my gun
I cocked my gun back and filled his skull with one
I turned to the trick to tell her she better run
But before I could, she grabbed a knife and stabbed my lung
I stared at my chest as my blood started to run
It was then that it dawned on me just what I have done


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