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This Weight Lyrics

A.o.n This Weight

{Verse 1}

See baby you and me have been down this broken road
I've been carryin this weight for you but it's hard to hold
Seems like every day you add more weight to my load
Pretty soon it'll be to much for me to even tote
Feels like my back is breakin, girl you know I'm straining
Hopefully to the end this road, again I can make it
Maybe I can make it through one last final time
Baby you make me so crazy, that I'm starting to lose my mind
This weight has got so heavy now it's draggin behind
It's makin my knees wobble, I can't walk a straight line
See baby you and me
We try so hard to be
Perfect for each other but baby you know I can see
This weights too hard to handle
I feel like I'm bein trampled
I feel like the flame is starting to go out on my candle
And baby I can see
The hurt this weight will bring
Baby let's forget about the pain as the chorus sings


{Verse 2}

Feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulder
Like if I turn my head around I'll see a f*ckin boulder
The warmth inside of me baby is slowly getting colder
Feels like everyday I'm so many damn years older
Cause this strainin age-in me
I try so hard to be
Your superman but it's gotta be kryponite I'm carrying
Cause it's makin me weaker
My future's lookin bleaker
Know that these are serious words that are comin outta your speaker
They are comin from my heart
You should of known that from the start
But I might not have much of heart left, it's fallin apart
Cause this boulder on my shoulder
Is causin me to tip over
My heartbeat is goin slower
Feel like my whole world is over
And I'm not doin this song to try to get some sympathy
Sent to me
From your heart
Directly into me
Loving me
Is not as easy as getting close to me
Hopefully this boulder won't continue to crush me


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