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Can't Let You Go Lyrics

A.o.n Can't Let You Go

{Chorus [x2]}

Single with nowhere to go?
Well take it from a pro
The hardest thing you'll ever know
Is tryin to let go

(Verse 1)

When we're talkin on the phone, I act like I don't give a shit
That you say you never love me, and that you love this new kid
Cause I got on my knees and begged that we could just stay friends
Cause I didn't want it to be through, I couldn't let it end
But now I'm sittin in my room, I'm at my wit's end
Reminising about how you used to be my girlfriend
Thinkin about all the time and money baby that I've spent
I gave you my heart, but I guess to you it wasn't worth a cent

{Chorus [x2]}

(Verse 2)

All day I sit in my room with thoughts of you in my brain
Ever since the day you left me, I have never been the same
I'm not writing this song to try to get fortune and fame
Just to let you know that now my tears are pourin down like rain
Cause I know I'll always love you and that's never gonna change
It's like my brain has been wiped out and only thoughts of you remain
If me and you are both players, then I'm losing the game
I spend all my time thinkin about you and waste my life away

{Chorus [x2]}

(Verse 3)

I never saw it comin baby, when you left me
At first I thought I was blind, but now I can see
My love for you, and my feelings will never cease to be
But my feelings for you now baby can never be revealed
Because you said that you don't feel the same way that I feel
But just because you don't see it don't make em less real
They are as real as the pain that I feel within my heart
The pain's been here ever since you ripped my world apart


Just take a second to think about what I'm sayin
Just know that every night I'm sittin here prayin
That you'll come back to me and be my girl again
Cause that's the only way these wounds I have will mend

{Chorus [x2]}

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