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Medicate The Past Lyrics

A Scent Like Wolves Medicate The Past

Cleanse myself, erase my sin
Lie to my face, and take it away

I'll drink away everything I've learned to be
(Such a waste)
Day by day, fate will change
Let's see the pain escape
Watch my hours fade
Let my pieces stray
Help me to be (to be)
Honest with myself

This time I'll make my own path
It seems you live in the past
(Na Na Na)
Just learn to live and laugh again

Yeah, I thought I needed help, and nobody's listening
I want it all, all for my own selfish reasons
Every person, place, thing around me
Will change my life ahead

Stand up kid, pick your feet up off the ground
You need to move on with this hell
And everything around you

Wait, nothing's gonna save me
Please perceive the devil inside of me
I'm letting of the pain escape

Slow down your life

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