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Sycophant Lyrics

A Scent Like Wolves Sycophant

You, yeah you left us without a doubt
Turned your back on the flesh and blood
Who tried to help out when shit got rough
I guess you really never gave a f..ck
You, you said it was for the best
But we know you're a sycophant
it's nothing personal, it's just business

You will never learn

Shut up, you've burned your bridges
And cut the ropes to all the things you once held close
Back then we chased the dream
And fought through masses of
Frauds, scammers, liars and thieves
In the end, we thought that we could trust you
But trust is not a god damn virtue

And everything you ever wanted
Was staring back at you this whole time

So tell me, it's ending
Were you just pretending?
You'll leave your friends, deceiving them
They're left betrayed
Repeating trends you see instead
To get your way

It was for the best
It's nothing personal, it's just business

You'd rather spend your days
Living life on the road
Getting drugged by your so-called friends
Living your life like a f..cking lie

Sycophant your fate is in their hands

You betrayed your f..cking five best friends
Just hope you'll never see us again

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