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Meet You In Memory Lyrics

A Bloody Canvas Meet You In Memory

i cant forget you, i cant forget youtonight we'll dance
upon the memories
flirting with disaster, get my heart beating faster
theres something missing everytime i take a breath,
theres one thing mising everytime i fall asleep
theres an unexplainable hole in my chest from that night
when i found you at your best...

...such a clever conduction of a constant mistake, i'll
hold onto you until i feel my mind start to break, i cant
forget you, i cant forget you...
...all the memories locked tight inside a cheap paper
bag, when i wake up in the morning this day will go on,
like a cleverly conduted constant mistake, i wont be
letting go unless my mind starts to break...
...and now my cerebrum will shatter with my memory lapse,
spilling such an awful secretion into my skull, i tried
to hold on while my mind was wiped clean, now all i have
left are my intangible dreams..
...i'll meet you in memory
(i cant forget you)
i cant remember your name

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