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Wasted Lyrics

99 Burning Wasted


Don't ever forget the ways
Of golden hopes that lost the fray
To wasted rainy cloudy days
That squelched the light, obscured the way

Light that lived without a hue
Without a care for me or you
Life that's led by cold hard fate
On days that you were forced to wait

When you looked good
But no one saw you
So you didn't exist

Wait for someone who would care
But I'm too wasted & no one's there
I won't compete in a human race
Find my own way at my own pace

Tired of fear & being alone
Desires died assent has grown
This isn't spite in any way
Life was spite now it's okay

At the end, reflecting,
Like a shattered mirror
A pool of blood & tears
It all seems so futile...lost....hopeless

I have been sacrificed
On the altar of progress
Crucified denied nullified
In the name of excess

Society, my murderer
Will get off
Only to kill again & again

Entrenched in a Malbowge
Purgatory teases me
the revelation mimics me
Oh yeah, retribution watches tauntingly

C'mon Jesus,
Save save enslave me

Hail Mary full of grace
Save me from the human race
Wipe tears of flame from my face
Help me get out of this place

Lately things ain't gone the way
That I'd hoped they would one day
I hoped to stay true to form
I wished to take this world by storm

But I just sit & waste away
I'm too wasted & no one cares
I'm too wasted & no one's there
I'm too wasted & life's not fair


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