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Nugtohs Lyrics

7 Zuma 7 Nugtohs

Do you really think you can hurt me
With kicking and punching and spitting me in my face
Say this, sure it's easy to say I'm evil
Gotta go down when I get a little carried away

I'm telling you without a cause or a reason
Did I take him to the other side
I gave him a little bonecrusher
And I can't recall the light in his eyes

And I said hey - you don't do that to me

As you may or may not know by now
I'm pretty f..cked up, that's what they say
Now the air is still and I'm feeling a bit funny
For them it's a nightmare, for me another day

And I said hey - don't you mess with me

‘cause I'll heal myself
I see myself
Oh and I see you
See my shotgun