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Crawling Lyrics

7 Zuma 7 Crawling

I wanna call you up
I wanna let you down
I'm gonna pull you up
And then I kick you down

I'd like to spit in your cup girl
Throw the cup on the ground
I'd like to fill you up
And then you scream and shout!

Yeah, yeah (2x)

I'm telling you better stop
You better keep it down
You're messing everything up
Until we're both on the ground

You keep on telling you're leaving
But still you're hanging around
Ain't gonna kick you out
And then you scream and shout! yeah!

Yeah, yeah, yeah (2x)

Stop crawling - my knees are raw
Stop talking - and get it on

Lost control over body and mind
State of exitement in every kind
Your nails all over me - your skin so bare

Say the word baby, you know what I wanna hear

Yeah yeah
Wow wow