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L'orbis Lyrics

Album Name : 7 Things - Single
Release Date : 2008-06-17
Song Duration : 3:36

7 & 7 Is L'orbis

L'orbis, la musique du monde,
Le son des spheres, personne sait, personne entend,
Mais, si cette musique est la nourriture d'amour, alors nous jouerons l'orbis.

Well, I got me a taste of the hideous waste that was built around the worship of my beautiful face,
And now I bow before the wrinkles and the lines I'd love to leave behind, leave behind.

Well, I'd made some promises I did not keep, so I thought that I'd pretend that I said them in my sleep,
Now I can't afford to buy back all the time, the precious time, when all the talk was cheap and all the words were mine, words were mine, words were mine,
All my promises, they got left behind.

Now I've lost my way I'm praying for the day when I will pay the price, and make the sacrifice to do what's good and right,
But I'm so selfish, and I'm blind when all the world needs seeing eyes to lead them from the darkness to the light.

Tell Icarus to let go of my wings and let me fly,
Oh, Satan, get behind me,
Let the sun shine 'til it blinds me.

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