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Too Itching For Action Lyrics

Album Name : Motor City Resurrection
Release Date : 2006-08-29
Song Duration : 3:07

69 Eyes Too Itching For Action

I saw her down smilin' there
A sweet seducer with a dark black hair
After the show she wants to know
The place our band would go
Too young but so tough
She'll make it where she is
No excuses no refuse
I like the game where I can't loose

She's too itching for action x2

She saw me flirtin' there
A love dictator with a dark long hair
After the show I want to know
The place she would go
Not too young but so cool
I'll make it where I am
No excuses no hesitation
I'm in the game where I can't loose
I'm too itching for action x4

There comes a time that you should realize
That every drop of your love is a sacrifice
Oh yeah and that's the hardest part of it
now baby...

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