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Your Fool Lyrics

Album Name : Torque
Release Date : 2012-04-27
Song Duration : 4:25

69 Chambers Your Fool

A hundred questions, indecisions
A hundred denials we wonít even mention
Now Iím in bed, in bed with a lie
Wonít you say goodnight to your

Fool fool fool fool Iím your
Fool fool, thereís nothing I can do
I feel just like a fool

A pocket full of whys, reasons to mend ties
A list of excuses to bridge the divide
I fell in love with a tainted smile
Wonít you sing lullabies to your

[Repeat chorus]

Iím your, Iím your, Iím your whore

[Repeat chorus]

Now Iím in bed with a lie
Wonít you come say good-bye
To your fool, to your toy, to your bitch
To your fool, to your toy, your idiot

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