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Anhedonia Lyrics

Album Name : Torque
Release Date : 2012-04-27
Song Duration : 4:26

69 Chambers Anhedonia

Itís not disgrace
No not deceit
That make a stricken heart expire
Bereft of meaning
Misery on display
It seems best to conclude the fight

But tell me who if not you
Could pull that head out of the noose?

It ainít what you say, itís what you donít do
Youíve had it coming cause
The truth is ugly like you

A sugar-coated
Smile wonít do the job
Let it freeze you into cold blind doubt
You play the cheapest
Cheap trick of them all
It seems best to close everything out

But tell me who if not you
Could choose the actions that you do?

[Repeat chorus]

You might have given some more blood
Dragged yourself through some more mud
Though you canít recall ever pushing your luck
It keeps eating you up
You feel stuck
You feel f..cked
But youíre not the victim

Slowly the poison the bloodstream fills
Itís not the lies, itís the truth that kills

[Repeat chorus]

Ugly like you

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