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Fatallistic Fishbowl Lyrics

4q Fatallistic Fishbowl

Can you define yourself or has someone done it for you?
Can you live your life or does someone live it for you?
Can you think for yourself or does someone think for you?

(Walk don't run - Walk don't run - Walk don't run - Walk don't run - Walk don't run)

Punk rock's here let's dye our hair
Safety pin in my ear screaming 'I don't care'
Studded leather jacket to show I'm cool
Throw abuse, you're nobody's fool
Pick your nose, gob on the floor
'My parents are rich but I'm really poor'
The new GBH LP is really good
I went out & bought it cos I know I should

Are you happy with what you created
Plastic punk is just outdated
Are you pleased with what you've done
Mindless violence to spoil our fun

Can't you see that you're the fools
Punk rock doesn't need any rules
An unprovoked fight from a sinister mind
F*ck you motherf*cker we don't need your kind
Pushing people around to prove you're hard
Gig after gig with violence marred
How can we win with you in our pack
If I turned around you'd stab my back

Are you happy now that punk is dead
You kill it with what's in your head
Commercialised macho pathetic shit
Living off the royalties of your top ten hit

Pay high prices to dive off a stage
To see someone think they're Jimmy Page
If we start chrging high prices & playing bullshit
I think it would be high time that we quit

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