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Until Its Gone Lyrics

3rd Man In Until Its Gone

I'm so confused about what to do
Or what to think or how to feel im so low
So what is next but pay the consiquence
This burden on my chest
Uplifted from this helpless mess
If only you could see that this isn't me
Don't know who I am would it change a thing
Left on what you say and I cant get away
Feelings to ignore
Well I've done this before
I'm wide awake
It's never gonna be the same again
Running through my head
Can't seem to face
What has taken place, your gone

I try again but fall down
My time's runnin out
I've never felt this way
Before you took that away
Again and again I fall for you
It's whats expected
How can you look at me the same
And feel nothing left

What's left for me a reoccuring dream
Left alone when I needed you the most

Nothing left (x4)

Never thought about how you felt
Or where we stand
Pride tore us apart
I cant believe im letting you go
World came crashing down
As soon as you no longer cared
Never knew what I had
Until it's gone (x3)
Interrupted thoughts and felt with every touch
I cant take back
I cant get back to you....until its gone

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