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Letting Go Lyrics

3rd Man In Letting Go

Who thought it could be this way
Never seemed to think about
When I'd come around and face my fears
Now it's gone and I'm so lost
And I dont know what i'm doing here
Opinions change, it seems so far away
Take the time to think it through
Left alone to find your way, wherever you go
With nothing more to say except goodbye
Can't let go of what's been said
Much to late to give away
Cant you see I'm not listening
Spending most of my time living up to regret
Whats in the past I cant forget
Runaway to find myself, told I'm so wrong

Nothing's right, left unsaid,
Missing the times I never had
Letting go, on my own

It's my decision, I never needed your help
All you've ever done is stand in my way
Now your left all alone, it's what you wanted

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