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If You Wouldn't Mind Lyrics

2nd Exit If You Wouldn't Mind

But for now, I'll just go, you know? I'll just... Be off
Well, wish I could be off but, you know... Been sitting here for like... Over four minutes now

Hello, Jubilee Line
How's your day? You're ruining mine
I thought you were a newer design
Couple stocks but you were just fine

So fix up, if you wouldn't mind
I mean, if you wouldn't mind

There's a party and my friends wanna go
They all know I'm never involved
They all think I'm negative though
But if I come, you'd wish you'd left me at home
I'm cool, I just can't take people that shout
Like what you screaming about?
You're holding hands, do you need to be loud?
See, this is why I hate leaving the house
I'm on the train now and this is what I'm talking about
This old man is snoring of course
And now, I bet he's dreaming of a mortgage, no doubt
Or talking to his ex wife, sorting things out
Either way I'll leave him to sleep
Got places to go, but its people I'll see
Look, I wouldn't be feeling this low
But bill collectors, they won't leave me alone
They want a fee, that ain't feasible though
Can't you see that I'm broke?
It's hard to breathe 'cause my bank account's revolting
We need to revoke
I hate the government, I needed to vote
But that's the least of my woes
I'm overworked and underpaid
Recently it's been worse and I'm afraid
I might go berserk and run away
With this girl on the Jubilee Line
I'm feeling like we're two of a kind
I was looking into your eyes and you were in mine
I ain't the intuitive kind

So speak up, if you wouldn't mind
I mean, if you wouldn't mind

Good morning grey sky
Good morning says I
Should yawning mean my day is boring?
Could falling in line make clear my calling in time?
Is my portion supposed to be awesome?
Or should I just settle for sort of sublime?
It seems I'm caught in the limelight
When all I want is to be courting a wife, right?
Nah man! I'm too young to marry
Too much to do still, and too old to hang out with Tom, Dick, or Harry
I got sick of the toxic spew
Coming from the mouth of every hot chick I've got into
So I've started answering to Todd, Jack, or Larry
And now I don't go out so much
I stay home, you could say I'm out of touch
And when my friends say, "have you heard that new album? The one by such and such?"
I'm like, who?
And who are you?
I've haven't had friends for months
I mean, I do have friends
They just forgot my name and never come to the ends
See, they don't like the train or the track
So now I sit alone and pretend
That I ever get the Jubilee Line
See, I don't see her much of the time
I tend to favour Victoria's vibe
As if I go out
I usually decline

I'll stay home, if you wouldn't mind
I mean, if you wouldn't mind