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Sleepwalker Lyrics

Album Name : Stand
Release Date : 2003-06-12
Song Duration : 4:17

28n Sleepwalker

Back off from me
I don't need your thrills anymore
That spell you cast over me
It doesn't work as well as it did before
While all the others line up
In front of you, one by one
You decide what you were never meant to

Captivated, Trapped behind
The subconscious wall of a mastermind
I see
What would've become of me
I've never seen so many faces so empty
Leave now, don't contemplate it
I should escape while I'm not sedated
But what about my friends
And the death wish that the reaper sends

Follow me
And I'll take away your pain
Then I'll take away
What's left inside your brain

Good people say their prayers
And they think that you hear
Nevermind their souls
You make a profit from their fears
Who will bear witness
When everybody's gone
I...am left behind
I lived to see the dawn