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Everything Lyrics

Album Name : Just Talents Vol. II
Release Date : 2008-07-04
Song Duration : 4:40

2 Talents Everything


everything (ACB)
everything (The Big)
everything (2Talents)
You are my everything (what I need)

You are my everything (everything)
You are my everything (everything)
You are my everything (everything)
Babe you are,everything what I need..


-You are the air what i breathe,//
-You are my heart,you are my beats,//
-You are the angel what protect me,//
-You are everything what I need,//

-You are my everything (everything)
-You are my everything (everything)
-You are my everything (everything)
-Babe you are,everything what I need,//

Verse 1:

-What is love, why I do always think about you,//
-What is the true deeping meaning of I love you,//
-You got calm blood running thru this body,//
-Cuz you’ve been there, so you my only shawty,//
-Trust me the other tricks aint nothing like me,//
-I’m certified, but you can leave if you want easy,//
-No one I ever met has done what ya did to me,//
-The way you are is singing beautifully like a synfiny,//
-Others tryna get with this I let go by like a breeze,//
-We too young but baby let’s tease,//
-We just having fun, cuz we only 13,//
-Put them haters down to rest,//
-I thinking in a lifetime you would be the best,//
-I’m on a level I can’t even understand,//
-And I wish I could, but boy I can’t,//
-No one in this world can,//
-Am I dreaming,//



Verse 2:

-Like Bey said I can see your halo, it always show,//
-I’m asking God like is this dude really an angel,//
-Me and you down with God avoid a place for sandals,//
-We both know this aint no movie love, so scratch the candles,//
-You see all those wanna be haters, they know they can’t handle us,//
-Our love is big like a yellow school bus,//
-Imma be here but let’s not make any unsure promise(S),//
-Cuz like in the movies and reality things do happen,//
-I really don’t want our love to come to a closing,//
-I spit better than those other really lame rappers,//
-You know what’s good, that’s what ya here for,//
-And that’s really why I’m here fo,//
-Them other girls tryna be some clones,//
-You know better to come back to where you belong,//
-I don’t rap childish, but never too grown,//
-I like ya voice, so we always get it poppin on the phone,//
-You can’t choose me by eny meny miny moe,//
-So freakin’ cute you curl your toes,//
-In a few years I wonder where we’ll go,//

Young A!

[CHORUS 2X] !!

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