Venetia Fair Lyrics
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Venetia Fair Lyrics

»  (i) We Used To Worship The Moon
»  A Lady And A Tramp
»  A Man Like Me!
»  Because You're Lonely (the Circus)
»  Bleeding A Stone
»  Go On Paint Me A Picture
»  Gullinkambi's Return
»  I'm Still Amazed
»  Ii: The Dirt Won't Keep Your Secrets
»  It's Unbelievable To Me
»  Iv: The Saints Of Gomorrah
»  Killing Time (to Keep The Dream Alive)
»  Let Me Explain
»  Let's Just Forget About This!
»  Only In The Morning
»  Pride Alone Won't Put This Fire Out
»  Puking Platitudes
»  Some Sort Of Siren
»  The Animals Tent (decimus The Tramp)
»  The Clowns And The Escape
»  The Day I Set Them Free
»  The Performers Tent (mortus The Bum)
»  The Ringleader (nonus The Hobo)
»  The Sideshow Tent
»  The Sky Came Down
»  This Is All A Forced Metaphor
»  Too Late To Dream
»  V: You Never Looked Like This
»  Vi: I Could End My Search Tonight
»  What Do We Have Here
»  Who Would've Thought
»  You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch


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