Tolkien Ensemble Lyrics
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Tolkien Ensemble Lyrics

»  Bilbo's Song
»  Bregalad's Song
»  Frodo's Lament For Gandalf
»  Galadriel's Song Of Eldamar I Sang Of Leaves
»  Gandalf's Song Of Lorien
»  Gollum's Song - Riddle
»  Lament For Boromir
»  Sam's Song In The Orc-tower
»  Song Of Beren And Luthien
»  Song Of Gondor
»  Song Of Nimrodel
»  The Ent And The Ent-wife
»  The Fall Of Gil-galad
»  The Long List Of The Ents (i)
»  The Long List Of The Ents (ii)
»  The Old Walking Song The Road
»  There Is An Inn A Merry Old Inn
»  Verse Of The Rings