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Television Personalities Lyrics

»  14th Floor
»  A Day In Heaven
»  A Family Affair
»  A Girl Called Charity
»  A Good And Faitful Servant
»  A Life Of Her Own
»  A Long Time Gone
»  A Picture Of Dorian Gray
»  A Sense Of Belonging
»  A Stranger To Myself
»  Adventure Playground
»  All My Dreams Are Dead
»  An Exibition By Joan Miro
»  Anxiety Block
»  As John Belushi Said
»  Baby You're Only As Good As You Should Be
»  Back To Vietnam
»  Bike
»  Brian's Magic Car
»  Bright Sunny Smiles
»  Christ Knows, I Have Tried
»  Closer To God
»  Coming Home Soon
»  Conscience Tells Me No
»  David Hockney's Diaries
»  Diary Of A Young Man
»  Don't Cry Baby, It's Only A Movie
»  Evan Doesn't Ring Me Anymore
»  Everything She Touches Turns To Gold
»  Far Away And Lost In Joy
»  Games For Boy
»  Geoffrey Ingram
»  God Snaps His Fingers
»  Goodnight Mr. Spaceman
»  Happy All The Time
»  Happy Families
»  Hard Luck Story Number 39
»  Haunted
»  He Used To Paint In Colors
»  Honey For The Bears
»  How I Learned To Love The Bomb
»  I Can See My Whole World Crashing Down
»  I Don't Want To Live This Life
»  I Hope You Have A Nice Day
»  I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives
»  I See Myself In You
»  I Suppose You Think It's Funny
»  I Was A Mod Before You Was A Mod
»  I Was A Mod Before You Was A Mod (easy Mix)
»  If I Could Write Poetry
»  If I Should Fall Behind
»  If I Was Your Girlfriend
»  In A Perfumed Garden
»  Jackanory Stories
»  Jennifer, Julie And Josaphine
»  King And Country
»  La Grande Illusion
»  Lichtenstein Painting
»  Little Woody Allen
»  Little Works Of Art
»  Look Back In Anger
»  Love Is Better Than War
»  Magnificient Dreams
»  Me And My Big Ideas
»  Mentioned In Dispatches
»  Mummy Your Not Watching Me
»  My Hedonistic Tendencies
»  My Very First Nervous Breakdown
»  Mysterious Ways
»  None Of This Will Matter When You're Dead
»  Not Even A Maybe
»  Not For The Likes Of Us
»  Now You're Just Being Ridiculous
»  Painter Man
»  Painting By Numbers
»  Paradise Estate
»  Paradise Is For The Blessed
»  Part One: Fulfilling The Contractual Obligations
»  Part Time Punks
»  Parties In Chelsea
»  Privilege
»  Psychedelic Holiday
»  Razorblades And Lemonade
»  Reaching For The Stars
»  Sad Mona Lisa
»  Salvador Dali's Garden Party
»  Say You Won't Cry
»  Scream Quietly
»  She Lives For The Moment
»  She Loves It When He Sings Like Elvis
»  She's My Yoko
»  She's Never Read My Poems
»  She's Only The Grocer's Daughter
»  Silly Girl
»  Someone To Share My Life With
»  Something Just Flew Over My Head
»  Sometimes I Think You Know Me Better Than I Know Myself
»  Stop And Smell The Roses
»  Strangely Beautiful
»  The Boy In The Paisley Shirt
»  The Day The Dolphins Leave The Sea
»  The Engine Driver's Song
»  The Girl Who Had Everything
»  The Glittering Prizes
»  The Man Who Paints The Rainbows
»  The Painted Word (reprise)
»  The Room At The Top Of The Stairs
»  Things Have Changed Since I Was A Girl
»  This Angry Silence
»  This Hart's Not Made Of Stone
»  This Time There's No Happy Ending
»  Three Wishes
»  Very Dark Today
»  We Will Be Your Gurus
»  When Emily Cries
»  Where The Rainbow Ends
»  World Of Pauline Lewis
»  You Are Special And You Always Will Be
»  You Don't Know How Lucky You Are
»  You'll Have To Scream Louder
»  Younger Than You Know


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