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Rossomahaar Lyrics

»  ...of Shadowy Exaltation (when Night Blackens With Storm)
»  216
»  A Day That Once Should Come...
»  Beneath The Fading Eclipse
»  Blind Eye And Muted Mind
»  Bloodred Utopia
»  Crescent Moon (the Final Celebration)
»  Imperium Tenebrarum, Act Ii
»  Into The Domain Beyond All Horizons
»  Me The Misanthrope
»  Mijn Leven Voor U (spiritual Resonance)
»  Mists Of Eternity
»  Moscow - The Sanguine Reign Of Terror
»  Multilayered Chaos (a Divinity For The Worthless)
»  Obscurity In Progress
»  Portals Of Chaos (the Final Transmigration)
»  Praising The Departure Of Spiritual Strength
»  Quaerite Lux In Tenebris (exploring The External Worlds)
»  The Forlorn Existence Of Soul Divine
»  The Fragile Shades Of Grey
»  The Moon The Sun The Stars
»  The Spectral Prophecy
»  Those Spectres Within (eternal Is The Nothingness I've Emerged From)
»  Transenflamed Visions Of Your Mortal End
»  Unto The Dimensional Complexity
»  What's Your Universe Built Upon


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