New Bruises Lyrics
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New Bruises Lyrics

»  Being Broke And Broken Down
»  Bigger Isn't Always Better. Yes Texas This Means You
»  Cheap Bus To Belfast
»  City Hearts And Trailer Parks
»  Coffee With A Side Of Confrontation Please
»  Empty Bottles Equal Empty Promises
»  God Bless You Mr. Vonnegut (so It Goes)
»  Goodbye Middle Class Hello Working Poor
»  Hell Is A Highway (connecting Tampa And Orlando)
»  Holding Pattern
»  Homo-erectus-americanus
»  Homogenized For Mass Consumption Or How My Youth Was Watered Down And Sold For Profit
»  Is Selling Out Different Than Buying In
»  New Bruises Are No Bruises
»  Sleeping With The Ants Again
»  The Hero The Thief And The Liability Of Getting Caught
»  Top Shelf Medicine