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Listener Lyrics

»  A Love Letter To Detroit
»  A Song From A Knife Salesman To His Wife On Their Wedding Day
»  Add Blue
»  Building Better Bridges
»  Death By Shotgun
»  Failing Is Not Just For Failures
»  Falling In Love With Glaciers
»  I Don't Want To Live Forever
»  I Have Nothing But Attention When I Scream
»  I'd Like To Offer You My Dearest Apologies
»  It's A Lonely World
»  It's Time For Drastic Measures They're Not Taking You Seriously
»  Little Folded Fingers
»  Most Roads Lead To Home
»  My Five Year Plan
»  Officer You Have The Wrong Man I Am Not That Man
»  Ozark Empire Or A Snake Oil Salesman Comes To Your Town
»  Pent Up Genes
»  Plague Doctor
»  Save Up Your Hopes Friends
»  Seatbelt Hands
»  The Music That The Angels Do
»  There's Money In The Walls
»  These Hands Weren't Meant For Us
»  What Would You Do If I'm Not What I'm Supposed To Be Because I'm Not
»  When No One Else Will Be Your Friend I Will Do The Job
»  Wooden Heart
»  You Have Never Lived Because You Have Never Died
»  You Were A House On Fire
»  Your Life Will Never Dull Or Your Money Back


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