Karate High School Lyrics
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Karate High School Lyrics

»  88 Million Light Years Away
»  And Then You Die!
»  Another Day At The Office
»  Burning Up For You
»  Can't Hold Me Down
»  Dear You It's Me
»  Extra! Extra! (hear All About It)
»  Failure Is Officially An Option
»  Fell In Love With A Robot
»  From This Day Forward (the League Of Tomorrow Battle Hymn)
»  Good News And Bad News
»  If You Don't Live Here Don't Surf Here
»  One Foot In Front Of The Other
»  One Trip Around The Sun
»  Out On The Streets
»  Punk Rock Uniform
»  Scenes Rushing By
»  Smile You're On Tv
»  Sometimes When You Lose You Win (we'll Never Give Up)
»  Sweep The Leg
»  The Empire State
»  The Horror Show
»  The Joke Is On Us
»  The Secret Handshake
»  This Is The Soundtrack
»  Three Strikes And You're In
»  Twice Upon A Time (110)
»  Under The Microscope
»  Welcome To The Broken Hearts Club
»  What Are Those Scientists Up To
»  You're Not Fooling Anyone (except Me)
»  Zombies Everywhere


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