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Hostage Life Lyrics

»  Carbon Heart Radio Or $80 Haircut
»  Fuck I Hope You're Not Pregnant Or Hey So You Think A Vasectomy Is Covered By My Health Insurance
»  Hell Awaits Hostage Life Or The Virgin Mary's Immaculate Dp
»  Hostage Life Are Fucking Alive And Well Or Paul Miller's Armada Featuring Eric Gaudet
»  Hostage Life's Legally Distinct Cola Commercial Or You're Stupid And You're Gross But If You Drink This Someone Might Actually Love You
»  How To Die With A Smile I) Determine Whether Or Not You Wish To Depart Ii) Set Date Iii) Find An Exit Buddy
»  Of Shotguns And Pleasure Wands Or A Sincere Tip Of The Hat To That Cocksucker Lenny Bruce
»  Securing My Seat (on The Hostage Life Board Of Directors) Or Is That Blood On Your Collar No It's Lipstick I Swear
»  Sons Of Hostage Life Or This Name Tag Reads Fuck You
»  The Last Superman Or Fall Of The Ubermensch
»  The Quietest Mutiny Or Dear Leader
»  This Song Was Written By Committee Or We Simply Feed These Figures Into The Melodiotron And Voila An Instant Hit
»  We Will Make You Crawl Or Just Pretend That Your Lips Are Stitched And Let Us Do The Thinking
»  When I Get Cancer Or Fuck It Just Cut Out All The Parts Of Me That Have Stopped Working


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