Gutted Lyrics
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Gutted Lyrics

»  ..the Dark Comes Out
»  A Man Drawn Around Me
»  A Momentary Evaporating Vision
»  An Unknown Killer Amongst The Homeless Ones
»  As The Sun Paints Everything Black
»  Chisel In The Head Of A Human Female
»  Defilement Of A Married Life
»  Demonstrate The Insensibility
»  Dreadful Stories From The Past
»  Lurking In The Shadow
»  Manifestation Of Concealed Hate
»  Memory Devourer
»  Nine Men A Women And The Poor Little Guy
»  Orgasm Through Her Entrails
»  Purify By Suicide
»  She's Dead For 6 Months...but I Love Her
»  Slowly Bleeding Sexual Emotions
»  Souls Of The Raped Children
»  Take Them To Hell's Fire
»  The Excrement Has Taken His Life
»  The Fountain
»  Total Lack Of Parental Care
»  Unmoral Behaving With A Headless Child
»  When The Gods Are Not Creating
»  World Of Mine


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