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Godfathers Lyrics

»  Another You (the Godfathers)
»  Can't Try Harder (m Gibson)
»  Cause I Said So (the Godfathers)
»  Halfway Paralysed (the Godfathers)
»  How Low Is Low (the Godfathers)
»  I Don't Believe In You (the Godfathers)
»  I'm Lost And Then I'm Found (the Godfathers)
»  If I Only Had Time (the Godfathers)
»  It's So Hard (the Godfathers)
»  Just Like You (the Godfathers)
»  Life Has Passed Us By (the Godfathers)
»  Love Is Dead (the Godfathers)
»  Obsession (the Godfathers)
»  Pretty Girl (the Godfathers)
»  S T B (the Godfathers)
»  She Gives Me Love (the Godfathers)
»  Tell Me Why (the Godfathers)
»  The Strangest Boy (the Godfathers)
»  This Is Your Life (the Godfathers)
»  Those Days Are Over (the Godfathers)
»  Walking Talking Johnny Cash Blues (the Godfathers)
»  When Am I Coming Down (the Godfathers)


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