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Gilbert & Sullivan Lyrics

»  A British Tar
»  A British Tar Is A Soaring Soul
»  A More Humane Mikado
»  A More Humane Mikado Never Did In Japan Exist
»  A Wand'rin Minstreal
»  Alone And Yet Alive
»  Am I Alone And Unobserved?
»  And Have I Journey'd For A Month
»  As Some Day It May Happen
»  Away, Away, My Heart's On Fire
»  Behold The Lord High Executioner
»  Braid The Raven Hair
»  Brightly Dawns Our Wedding Day
»  Climbing Over Rocky Mountain
»  Comes A Train Of Little Ladies
»  For He Is An Englishman
»  Hms Pinafore: Never Mind The Why And Wherefore
»  Hold, Monsters!
»  How Beautifully Blue The Sky
»  Hush, Hush Not A Word
»  I Am A Pirate King
»  I Am So Proud
»  I Am The Captain Of The Pinafore
»  I Am The Monarch Of The Sea
»  I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major-general
»  I'm Called Little Buttercup
»  I've Got A Little List
»  If You Want To Know Who We Are
»  In Enterprise Of Martial Kind
»  Intro
»  It Ain't No Big Thing (but It's Growing)
»  Major General
»  No, I'll Be Brave!
»  Now For The Pirates' Lair!
»  Oh Better Far To Live And Die
»  Oh False One You Have Deceived Me!
»  Oh! Dry The Glist'ning Tear
»  Oh! Is There Not One Maiden Breast
»  On A Tree By A River
»  Our Great Mikado
»  Our Great Mikado, Virtuous Man
»  Poor Wandr'ing One!
»  Pour Oh Pour The Pirate Sherry
»  Prithee, Pretty Maiden
»  See How The Fates Their Gifts Allot
»  So Please You, Sir, We Much Regret
»  Stay, We Must Not Lose Our Senses
»  Stop, Ladies Pray!
»  The Criminal Cried As He Dropped Him Down
»  The Flowers That Bloom In The Spring
»  The Mikado: The Sun Whose Rays
»  The Mikado: Tit Willow
»  The Soldiers Of Our Queen
»  The Sun, Whose Rays Are All Ablaze
»  There Is Beauty In The Bellow Of The Blast
»  Things Are Seldom What They Seem
»  Three Little Maids
»  Three Little Maids From School Are We
»  We Sail The Ocean Blue
»  What Ought We To Do?
»  When A Felon's Not Engaged In His Employment
»  When Fred'ric Was A Little Lad
»  When The Foe-man Bares His Steel
»  When You Had Left Our Pirate Fold
»  With Aspect Stern
»  Young Man Despair
»  Your Revels Cease'


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