Daughters Lyrics
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Daughters Lyrics

»  A Room Full Of Hard-ons And Nowhere To Sit Down
»  Cheers Pricks
»  Crotch Buffet
»  Damn Those Bloodsuckers And Their Good Qualities
»  Daughters Spelled Wrong
»  Feisty Snake-woman
»  Fiery
»  Flatter Is A Bunch Of Fucking Bullshit
»  Fur Beach
»  Hello Assholes
»  Hyperventilationsystem
»  I Don't Give A Shit About Wood, I'm Not A Chemist
»  I Slept With The Daughters And All I Gotwas This Lousy Song Written About Me
»  Jones From Indiana
»  Marry Me (lie! Lie!)
»  Mike Morowitz, The Fantasy Fuck
»  My Stereo Has Mono And So Does My Girlfriend
»  Nurse, Would You Please Prep The Patient For The Sexual Doctor
»  Our Queens (one Is Many Many Are One)
»  Pants, Meet Shit
»  Providence By Gaslight
»  Recorded In A Pyramid
»  Sweet Georgia Brown
»  The Dead Singer
»  The First Supper
»  The Fuck Whisperer
»  The Ghost With The Most
»  The Hit
»  The Theatre Goer
»  The Unattractive Portable Head
»  The Virgin
»  X-ray