Combatwoundedveteran Lyrics
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Combatwoundedveteran Lyrics

»  15 Minutes On A Forklift
»  Christ My Leg Is Sore
»  Completed In Three Easy Steps
»  Eat More Blood Money
»  Folded Space: Mapping Unexpected Ordinance
»  I Gotta Slingshot Wanna Get Hurt
»  I Talk You Listen (version Lo-fi)
»  Kill L.i.n.c.o.l.n.
»  My Spine! My Spine! My Spine!
»  One Arm Left
»  Propaganda Films Shot With A Sitcom Script
»  Put Em In A Bodybag Johnny
»  Some People Ask Too Many Questions
»  The Brown Tie Is A Clip-on
»  The Tri Lamb Shadow Kick Meltdown
»  Watching Stock Car Racing On My Wedding Night
»  With Love Your Mother
»  You Make Statements Concering Things You Know Nothing About
»  You Win I'm Stupid
»  You'll Never Be Where I Am Ever In Your Life


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