Cephalectomy Lyrics
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Cephalectomy Lyrics

»  A Loathsome Ceremony
»  A Submergence Of Will
»  Architect Of Abomination
»  Dellamorte Dellamore
»  Dimensional Manifestation Of Ashen Forms
»  Discerning Thee Apocryphal Divinity
»  Dominus Infernus Vobiscum
»  Dragons Upon The Mountains Of Mashu
»  Espousing The Lore Of Ancient Mythos
»  Feast Of The Saints
»  Freedom Of The Enlightened
»  Gates To The Spheres Of Astral Frost
»  Invocate The Tempests To Castigation
»  Of Grievance And Exhumation... (the Fallen)
»  Omens Of Elder Creation
»  Over Mountains Of Ancient Power
»  Phantoms Of The Fallen Ruins Of Kia
»  Sanctum To The Ungods
»  Shroud Of Mysticism
»  Spaces Between The Realms Of Existence
»  The Accumulated Conscious
»  The Ghosts Of Reprisal And Strife
»  The Ravaged Crimson Fields Of Evanescence
»  The Sons Of Tellervo
»  The Sundering Of Eternal Sentience
»  The Urchin Peel
»  Through The Ethereal Vortex Of Archaic Life
»  Tide Of Substance
»  Unto The Darkly Shining Abyss
»  Upon Winged Elemental Crests


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