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Capistrano Lyrics

»  30 Hornets Vs. 30,000 Bees
»  Back When Othello Was A Common Name
»  Best If Used By April 11th, 1988
»  Bill Cosby And His Jell-o Disciples
»  I Took A Class In Philosophical Logic, And It Made Me A Fucking Bad Ass
»  I Wish I Was A School Girl's Bicycle Seat
»  Phonetically Speaking, This Could Be The Best Day Ever (the Happiest Day)
»  Sleeping In Chalk Outlines Of You
»  Sorry, I Just Spilled My Future Son All Over Your Face
»  Staring Into Your Eyes Would Be A Whole Lot Easier If Streetlights Weren't So Bright
»  Stop Screaming At Me, I'm Busy Defending This Castle
»  The Cult Of The True Woman Redux
»  This Breathing Thing Is Getting Old
»  Your Dysphoria Is Another Reason Why I'm On This Side Of The Bed


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