Bombs Over Providence Lyrics
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Bombs Over Providence Lyrics

»  A Vision After The Sermon Jacob Wrestling With The Junior Boys Soccer Team
»  All The Good Guys Are Dead, And I'm Twisting My Moustache
»  And The Award For Best Post-Coital Hug Goes To...
»  Anybody Remember John Enis, Chair Of The Board Of Tourism For Bad Sex, Ont.
»  Black Friar's Union Of Thursday Night Anarchists
»  Broken Records
»  Bury My Eyes At 1510 King St. W.
»  Class Aptitude Test Results Are In, And It's Martyr Or Matador For Everybody!
»  Cobra Constant Committee Bake Sale
»  Dig Them Up And Try To Reason With Them
»  I've Got Your Revolution Right Here, Wise Ass
»  May Cruise Missile Diplomacy Keep Us Truthful, Good, And Mild
»  The 18Th Brumaire Of Boomer Ellsworth
»  The Grand Preamble (Annie Get Your Gun, Mask, Ductape And Some Matches)
»  The Starving Artist Weight-Loss Program Works... To Varying Degree... Somethetimes
»  Walkerton, Workfare, And The Wusses Who Watched
»  What I Destroyed On My Summer Vacation
»  You're Either With Us Or You're With The Satirists
»  Zombie Cheerleader Slumber Party Massacre


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