Barry Louis Polisar Lyrics
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Barry Louis Polisar Lyrics

»  A Brontosaurus With Bronchitis
»  All I Want Is You
»  Do This, Do That
»  Don't Put Your Finger Up Your Nose
»  Early Sunday Morning
»  Giggle Tickle Fiddle Little Wiggle Around
»  I Can't, I Can't
»  I Eat Kids
»  I Love Your Eyes
»  I Need You Like A Donut Needs A Hole
»  I Sneaked Into The Kitchen In The Middle Of The Night
»  I've Got A Dog And My Dog's Name Is Cat
»  I've Got A Little Sister
»  Leroy Is A Late Bloomer
»  Marching Shoulder To Shoulder
»  Me And You
»  Mom And Dad Are Always Right
»  My Brother Thinks He's A Banana
»  My Brother Threw Up On My Stuffed Toy Bunny
»  My Mother Ran Away Today
»  Never Cook Your Sister In A Frying Pan
»  One Day My Best Friend Barbara Turned Into A Frog
»  Our Dog Bernard
»  The Apple Of My Eye
»  Tomorrow
»  With A Giggle And A Hug And A Tickle And A Kiss