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Adair Lyrics

»  A Room Full Of Atheists
»  Afraid To Breathe
»  Alone In The City Of Robots
»  And They Call This Tragedy
»  Apology
»  Barricade The Doors
»  Congratulation, I Hate You
»  Connecticut
»  Endings Without Stories
»  Folding And Unfolding
»  Goodbye, Goodnight, For Good
»  I Buried My Heart In Cosmo Park
»  Inflamed Nerve Endings
»  Midwestern Hand Grenade
»  Mouths Join In The Cold
»  Not A Single Word About This
»  Red And Dying Evening
»  Seatbelts Off (Let Go)
»  Separate Your Jaw
»  The Art Of Staying Alive
»  The Beginning Of Something New (City Of Hope)
»  The Destruction Of Everything (Valley Of Fire)
»  The Diamond Ring
»  The Ghosts Of Who We Were
»  The Prison Island
»  Vanity And Death (Their Faces Crumbled Away)