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Before The Night Is Gone Lyrics

Album Name : Zoe Muth and the Lost High Rollers
Release Date : 2009-07-23
Song Duration : 3:24

Zoe Muth & The Lost High Rollers Before The Night Is Gone

I was hoping to rest a while but this cup of coffee
will have to do
Now I've one hand on the wheel and one arm reaching out
to you
Closed your eyes in Grand Junction and I ain't heard a
word since then
So I'll just try to stay inside the lines and mind the
sideways wind
All I've got is the radio and this empty distant sky
And Willie's singing somewhere over the rainbow
But you no you won't see the tears in my eyes

Before the night is gone
Won't you tell me our love will linger on?
And knock that chip off your shoulder
Into your heart of stone to start a spark
'Cause I need someway to see in the dark

Thought I could be honest and you thought you could be
The promises we made were many but the ones we kept
were few
We were looking for green grass and a warm and loving
But we've got this cold concrete curse in our blood and
our bones
When we crossed that great divide it was in the back of
both of our minds
Like the rivers from that point you'd go your way and
I'd go mine

The gas station on the state line where we saw the
posted signs
The government was saying they were sorry and trying to
About the poison in the sand and the lies they told
again and again
They thought if they gave us enough money that we would
all understand
But babe you never will and that's why I love you still
No matter how far we drift apart
You'll always have a piece of my heart


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