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Pray For Me Lyrics

Zel Pray For Me

[Zel 1st Verse]
Bad habits good intentions they say once you level up you bound to lose some friendship
No hard feelings I'm just really on a mission, gifted
Ain't got no time for no mistress
If yeen bringing nothing to table you getting missing
Stop doing shit for niggas they look down like you tripping
Tell a nigga no once they gon treat you like you different
Difference is if I ever showed loved then I meant it
Can't except everybody nigga you trippin
Hard when you gotta cut ties from a nigga you been with, pops said sometimes u gotta love em from distant
Nephew trying go to league and play for pistons, always lost my ways when my focus was on the bitches. Ego booster, dick her down she scream hallelujah
Scheming like a pastor in church, shit always work
Mama told me keep going shit could always be worse
Got a urge to stack it up and wanna splurge
Could never trick on a bitch give money to no birds
Keep it simple that wave y'all on I'm not into
I Do it for the fam cause a lot shit we don't been thru

Mama just keep praying for me, tumor in your head and that shit just keep weighing on me
Pour liquor for the dead homies, why the good die young free the guys in feds for me

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