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Towards Perdition Lyrics

Album Name : In Hora Mortis
Release Date : 2008-12-15
Song Duration : 8:06

Zarathustra Towards Perdition

I see
Through bleeding eyes
That blazing path
Towards perdition
I crumble
In a veil of grief

I stalk
Through barren wastes
Of ash and magma
The air I breath
Bears the strength of
Blood, Plague, Death

Towards perdition

I long
For that one light
That blinds the eye
Consumes the flesh
And grand's the key
To Truth, Wisdom, Sight

Towards perdition

I submit
In cadaverous delight
To purgatorial bliss
Morbid ecstasy
In await of
Pain, Torment, Fire

Towards perdition

And I feel
Your burning gaze
Forever penetrating
Emotion, Thought, Flesh

And I feel
In fatal agony
Before your horrid throne
Broken, Naked, Dead

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