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Met A Girl Like You Once Lyrics

Album Name : The Story So Far...
Release Date : 2006-01-31
Song Duration : 3:48

Zack Hexum Met A Girl Like You Once
I met a girl like you once
cept for she had brown hair
and everyone loved her
I mean everyone loved her
Soon as you learned her name
You became best friends
But they all wanted more
Yeah they all wanted more

And when we danced our eyes they met
And everything seems different now
Somehow different now
And when we talked we reached some depth
At least as much as we could find
In between our bump and grind

Infatuation begins, cupid strikes again
And everyone loves you I mean
Everyone loves you
So then I learned your name
And you gave me your number
I can't wait to call you
But I'll wait to call you

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