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Until You Look Away Lyrics

Zac Maloy Until You Look Away

It was two weeks ago yesterday, I watched you leave my place
There's a shirt you left behind, on the front it says "shine"
Well I don't feel like shining today, so I fold it up and put it away
What do I do it's not even noon, it's hard for me with no you
Like the sun without the moon

You were shining, I was fading, you were broken, I was breaking
You walk a fine line between being blind and closing your eyes
It's all good, it's okay.. until you look away

Two months ago and yeah I'm okay, feels like only yesterday
Especially the very last part
When you cut away my heart
I know you're dancing in your safe place
Wearing that "I'm doing just find face"
I bet you'll be alright till somebody turns on the lights
It's only a matter of time
There is a palce I know where nothing's quite the way it seems
I think you may have been there once or twice, just step inside your mind

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