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Trapped Into Life Lyrics

Album Name : Occult Medicine
Release Date : 2004-10-11
Song Duration : 4:17

Yyrkoon Trapped Into Life

Enclosed in space
Enclosed in time
Numbers and words are nothing
But human’s sins

Try to breathe water
Try to cross fire
There’s nobody that you can rape
Nobody that you can disgrace

Like tree’s roots
Your hands are opening to find in the darkness
Life’s meanings

Wait and wait again
The light of reason
Realize that you’re trapped
Trapped into life

Through the invisible walls
You’re following the critical mass
Delighting into this
Common meaningless
Your frozen mind
Suffers silently
Not to wake
To this hurtful truth

Realize that you’re trapped
Trapped into life

Stop trying
To control things on earth
For once forget about your imprudence

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