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Top Of Da Line (Feat. Young Cash) Lyrics

Yung Trap Top Of Da Line (Feat. Young Cash)

Verse 1 by Yung Trap
she a 5-star bitch like Gotti say, independent shawty spent a hundered on a body spree, when you hit da mall shawty got it, you aint gotta pay, do ya blame me for tryna hit it like da lottery? quick to tell a lame shoe-fly dont bother me, you aint got no money den you betta eat ya heart away, heard you was looking for a baller like Hardaway, well I can be ya daddy like everyday is fathers day. baby rokcing Gucci, Louis, Dolce & Gabanna. Juvy said she must've got dat ass from her momma. rich girl shit, bank account got commas, da baddest in da room, hands down I promise!

Chrous (Repeat 2x)
Cause shawty so fine, top notch dime,
got me goin, lost my mine, shawty
you da top of da line,
Top of da line,
Shawty top of da line

Verse 2 by Yung Trap
Yeah! shawty top of da line, she stay up in da mall, shawty shop all da time, f..ck a price baby buyin, she ballin I aint lyin, pussy clean so when it come to eatin I dont even mind, shawty one of a kind, you'll never find another, who be classy in the street, but who nasty undercover,
staright flashin on you suckas got a swag like HELLO, mama call her puddin but her ass like JELLO, & I dont mind showin baby off to the fellow, now how you go to college when you ask so ghetto, thanking you a built, she'll play you like a chello, baby ball like Melo, and can roll a sick real-o.

Chorus (Repeat 2x)

Verse 3 by Young Cash
No she aint a groupie hoe, we can go to the Gucci sto', so shawty come & ride with me, ride on 24's, 1973, Yeah, plus you know shawty the baddest, got her off in Wonderland, you can call her Alice, you just made a movie, you can call her a actress, sex on the bed with 3 birds in the mattress, Cash, I'm on top pf my grind, so its only right to have a chick dats top of da line, hater I aim at the top of they mind, you can get it if you wanna, boy, the glock or the nine.

Chorus (Repeat 2x)

Straight outta Duval County!
Who it iz? Yung Trap!
Aye ! Huh ! Huh
Flip Dice Entertainment!
Huh ! Yeah Yeah Yeah !
Top of da Line !
Shawty so . . .

*Beat Fades

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