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Waz Yo Name Lyrics

Yung Prince Waz Yo Name

Waz yo name can I talk to you
I wanna get to know you
Allow me to introduce myself
I'm dat man dat you always dreamed bout
WAZ YO NAME SHAWTY excuse me miss
May I ask your name and maybe your numba
So we can arrange a date
So I can take ya to da movies or
Maybe we can leave our footprints on da beach
We can even hit up da jacuzzi
Or we could held up to da P.E.N.T.
And lay up in da bed and watch da sunset go down
And sit back and relax and relax

I'll rub on ya back and kiss on ya neck
And rub on ya toes I know you like dat baby
I'm da prince just tell me watchu need
I'mma rub diz oil on ya body
And we can do our thang...
I'mma lay ya body down don't make a sound

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