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Telling It How I Feel Lyrics

Yung Niggas Telling It How I Feel

Staying Up In This World, Playing Chase With Girls, Running
Around The Streets Like Squirrels, Thinking Everything I Do Is
Right, But Itís All Good, Cause Tonightís My Night, And Iím
Siked, F..cking Girls When They Pussy Is Tight, Making It
Loose, Playing Duck Duck Goose, People Always Looking At Me
For Me To Choose, Itís A New Millennium, People Busting
Plenty Of Them, Guns, Always Got People On The Run, Like
They Beating They Daughters And Sons, Donít You Know, Life
Is Ill, But Itís Real, Everything Is Done By Skill, I Need
Someone To Stay Correct, Searching For A Prospect, Keeping
Everything Else Set, And My Girls Wet, Trying To Fly
Everywhere In A Jet, Many People Think Iím In Gangs,
Running Around With People Who Carry Guns And Thangs,
Talking Slang, Thinking About Your Girl And How We Use To

Life Is Not A Toy
I Thought About That
Every Since I Was A Little Boy

	Iím In Verse Two, Got People Copying Every Little Thing I
Do, This Rap, Itís For You, So You Can See Everything I Say Is
True, My Bills Is Never Due, Listing To These Beats For My
Cue, To Come In, And Make A Fin, Donít Need To Drink Gin,
Just To Win, Life Is A Game, But Everythingís The Same, All
That Other Crap Is Lame, Searching For Mad Niggas For Fame,
But They Need Fortune, If I Have A Baby, My Girl Wonít Have
An Abortion, Keeping Mad People Off My Sack, Cause People
Donít Know Jack, They Style Of Flowing, Is Mad Whack, For
All Them Haters Out There, Take Your Hands Out The Air, For
All Them Playas Out There Put Your Hands In The Air, Like
You Really Donít Care, If You Going Somewhere, Donít Shed A
Tear, Stay Real, Cause Thereís Nothing To Fear....

Life Is Not A Toy
I Thought About That
Every Since I Was A Little Boy

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