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Bachelor Lyrics

Yung Mal Bachelor

[?] cmon
Ah f..ck I really ran the bands up
I make em hate my guts
Inside off white don't get ash on my guts
I'm living life like a bachelor
Fly private the fourteen passenger
Game over nigga get that shit up
The young niggas running this shit
Put em bands up
Old niggas shut the f..ck up
Yuh, mud all inside my cup
I just f..cked her one time no cuff
She like to sucky sucky sucky sucky
Till that dick erupt
Still in my hood but I'm really turned up
Niggas be fakin' don't go for the bluff
Old dub ass niggas ain't gang they ducks
I like to pull up in those all black trucks

[Verse 1]
I had to run up my bucks
I had to ride on the bus
Now only bus I ride on is a tour bus
Bitch you still gon' leave its your choice
Old bitch mad I got my new hoe a new Porsche
Can't take shit shop I don't smoke no Newport
I sell the perc because my brother got court
I ball in real life never been on no court
Bitch I score, gang score
They eat up my drip need a fork
And I still go them sticks when I go to New York
I play with the money when I'm bored
Run a train on yo whole gang they all aboard
I had to sleep on the floor
Now I'm in the condo with the highest floors

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