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Fiction Lyrics

Album Name : FICTION
Release Date : 2008-04-23
Song Duration : 3:47

Yuki Kajiura Fiction

I'm living with false hope, and my eyes
just wanna see a ray of light
I'm gonna find it in my fairy tale

I hear, long forgotten broken toys
tell me ancient lies of a boy
I will sing of them in my fairy tale

I was just a silent girl
always dreaming of a little angel
close to my reality
sing, la la la ......

the midnight sun hangs in the sky
show me your smile, my little angel
hear me, my fantasy
sing la la la.....through the night

see, how my flights of imagination
help me discover comprehension
I can find it in my fairy tale

I know, only a man can dare to dream
nothing is really as it seems
keep on telling, your own fairy tale

now wake up, my silent girl
take to flight, like a foolish angel
sing me your fantasy
sing, la la la....

my midnight sun hangs in the sky
the first and last wondrous invention
show me the horizon
sing, la la la....

the summer is here, we kiss and fall in love
but we've got to go, leaving nothing here
I wanna share the memories of long forgotten love

I was just a silent girl
wishing for better understanding
this is my melody
sing, la la la ......

my midnight sun hangs in the sky
help me to tell my history
with painted scenery
sing, la la la ......

in my fairy tale
I'm living in my fairy tale ......

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