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What Goes Around Lyrics

Album Name : We're Not In This Alone
Release Date : 1997-01-01
Song Duration : 1:25

Youth Of Today What Goes Around

A half-ass commitment, a casual act
Shows me the decency that you lack
You're f..cking with feelings and f..cking with heads
And live for the moment is all that you've said
What goes around comes around
So watch yourself cause you're falling down
Abusing, misusing you're out of control
Your mind, spirit and body will take their toll
A slave to your senses, I see nothing more
Cause temporary pleasure is what you strive for
Taken what you've wanted, stepped on what's in your way
But there will be a price that you'll have to pay
Easy acquaintances, broken friends
Happy now but the loser in the end
Broken promises, broken hearts
Walk away when the pain starts
You take what's yours you still want more
If you only knew what's in store

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