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Angry Sex Lyrics

Young Thug Angry Sex

If you mad at your girl, you just have angry sex
Hit her with the latex, that's that anger sex
If L try to flex, we gone have angry sex
Them beavers in my neck make me have angry sex
That's angry sex, that-that-that's angry sex
That's angry sex, gone have angry sex
I have angry sex, have angry sex

Young Thug runnin' around f..ckin' the baddest
She don't wanna f..ck me Thug, she wanna f..ck my carats
I'm bout to be a (?) addict
And my bitch chill with above average
I got a K with me and don't play with me cause it will spray for me
And make her sick back like (?)
I'm brazy, it's like I'm raised in the 80's
Fuck Grady
I'm a Little Haiti baby
I got rabies
I got (?)
Right on top of my navy is a red star, no Macy's
She f..cks me round the clock like I'm Flavie
And I f..ck her more than once like NYC

Fuck her real hard
When I need a dollar, numb her like a (?)
When I hit the studio, I take my whole squad
Bringing birds (?) Mayweather (?)
I make a young (?)
Now she my dinner, you a beginner
And I'm (?) cause I'm a winner
And I'mma giver
And I f..ck on her liver
And I might pick up chicken for this young tinder
I'm a S&M member
And that means mash members and members
She grabbin' on my wood, I yell timber
And that (?) just (?) one of my members, let's go

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